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How big should the sofa be? Could a sectional work? Would a round table fit, and what size? Where does the rug go? Where should seating go relative to windows and the TV?

Sometimes, a smart floor plan is all you need to purchase your furnishings with confidence, bring ease into your everyday routine, and make your house feel like home.

Note: If you’re looking for a floor plan design AND custom furnishings selected for your space, go here instead_._

How Our Custom Floor Plan Service Works:

  • Upon purchase, we guide you to taking measurements of your room

  • Upload your room measurements and images of the space to our Online Portal

  • Complete the Questionnaire regarding your goals for the room

  • Within 3 weeks of receiving your materials, our SCI designers create your Custom Floor Plan

  • We upload your new Custom Floor Plan to your Online Studio!

What You Receive From Us:

  • A strategic furniture layout fitted to your needs and created by our experienced designers

  • A to-scale black and white, bird's eye view of one room

  • Technical line drawings to reflect the proper size of recommended furniture and placement

  • One brief follow up message in the online studio within one week of floor plan delivery

  • Access to your floor plan 24/7 in the Online Studio for up to one year from date of purchase

This Service Is For You If:

  • You aren’t sure which size furnishings you need or how to create a room layout

  • You want a professional design plan tailored to your living experience and everyday ease

  • You would like to know which dimensions of furniture to purchase so you can make smart purchases

  • You have tried a number of furniture configurations in your room and none seem to work well

This Service is NOT For You If:

  • You’re looking for an interior designer to select your furnishings for you (see Custom Design instead)

  • You want continued communications with an interior designer

  • You’re looking for 3D renderings or elevations

Please note: By purchasing this Floor Plan, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.